Heritage Weekly Auction ending 4/14/19

4/14/19 UPDATE

The auctions keep coming, don't they?  It's hard to keep up, but here's how the last round of auctions worked out:

Keith Giffen Defenders #43; ComicArtAds estimate $1,050, final price including BP--$1,320

Paul Gulacy Master of Kung Fu #45; ComicArtAds estimate $2,400, final price including BP--$2,520

Gil Kane Marvel Team-Up #13; ComicArtAds estimate $2,800, final price including BP--3,000

George Perez Justice League of America #192; ComicArtAds estimate $900, final price including BP--$2,160

I am surprised the colorful Defenders page went as high as it did.  I was glad to be close on the Gulacy and Kane pages.  My lack of DC price-prediction expertise was painfully obvious with the JLA result.  But overall I was happy with my effort.  This week's Heritage auctions are not as spectacular as last week's batch that included a couple of Gil Kane Amazing Spider-Man pages, but there are still some interesting offerings.  For example, this Pablo Marcos page from Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 is one of four pages from that issue being offered this week.  Page 11 features not only Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd but also (robot versions of) Green Lantern and Superman.  A few pages from issue #2 of this series went for between $400 and $600 in 2017.  I expect this action-packed page to do a little bit better.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $750.

I'm sorry I missed out on Luke McDonnell Iron Man pages back when they were somewhat plentiful and fairly affordable.  This week's auction has two nice examples, including this page from Iron Man #177.  This page, inked by Steve Mitchell, has some action and a good shot of ol' shellhead.  I think this page will be pretty consistent with other strong McDonnell Iron Man pages that have appeared on Heritage over the years.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $650.

Who doesn't love Keith Pollard's super-villain pin-ups that appeared in the back pages of Spider-Man annuals in the early 1980s?  This week's auction has the ultimate Dr. Jonas Harrow grail page, which appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3.  The good doctor is an obscure bad guy, but this is a strong image and hits the nostalgia buttons for me.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,100.

Finally, you don't see Jim Shooter receive art credits in Marvel Comics too often.  If you are missing a Shooter art page from your collection, this page from Spectacular Spider-Man #57 might make your day.  I know the Will O' the Wisp is a light-based character, but this page, inked by Jim Mooney, seems to be overly reliant on shadowing and lacking in details.  The page does have a few shots of Spidey, and a nice image of Wispy at the bottom, so this should do pretty well because most anything with Spider-Man from this time frame seems to do well these days.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $850.  

As always, happy bidding!

3/31/19 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

Whew, this last month has gone by quickly.  Here are my predictions, and final results, from the last time around:

Dan Adkins Sub-Mariner #72; ComicArtAds estimate $1,750, final price including BP--$2,280

Jim Aparo Phantom Stranger #14; ComicArtAds estimate $1,600, final price including BP--$1,380

Gene Colan Daredevil #32; ComicArtAds estimate $2,400, final price including BP--$2,640

Jack Davis Haunt of Fear #17; ComicArtAds estimate $1,850, final price including BP--$2,280

John Buscema Thor #178; ComicArtAds estimate $1,500, final price including BP--$1,020

Don Heck X-Men #45; ComicArtAds estimate $2,250, final price including BP--$2,400

Jim Mooney Ms. Marvel #4; ComicArtAds estimate $1,400, final price including BP--$3,120

Dave Wenzel Avengers #176; ComicArtAds estimate $1,550, final price including BP--$900

Well, I wasn't too far off on the Colan DD page or the Heck X-Men pages.  However, I was pretty low on the Mooney Ms. Marvel page and too high on the Wenzel Avengers #176 page.  I guess Ms. Marvel art is hot due to the Captain Marvel movie, and late-1970s Avengers art that isn't prime Perez/Marcos or Byrne/Marcos seems to be cooling off.  I thought the Buscema Thor page was a good buy at a little over $1K.

The Heritage weekly auction ending this Sunday once again has some interesting art, including a very exciting and depressing piece of art from Defenders #43 by Keith Giffen and Klaus Janson.  This art team is super, and this page features great Hulk and Nighthawk action.  But jeez, the coloring!  This wasn't a Steve Oliff job.  The Hulk's yellow arm in the next-to-last panel is especially odd.  I think some collectors will overlook the coloring and try to grab this page, but I think the price will be hurt slightly by the coloring job.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,050.  Hugo's Collectibles offered another page from this book back in 1994:

This auction features yet another strong Paul Gulacy Master of Kung Fu page, this time from issue #45.  I don't like Pablo Marcos's inks quite as much as Dan Adkins's inks over Gulacy on this title, but this is solid work from Marcos.  The page features some nice shots of Shang and a memorable image of Leiko.  I think this page will do pretty well.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,400.  Still, I miss the days back in 1979 when you could get solid action pages for $70:

In keeping with my Marvel Zombie theme, I think this Gil Kane page from Marvel Team-Up #13 is pretty nifty.  Frank Giacoia's inks hold this page together pretty well.  Decent Spidey action images too.  Pages from this issue have come up for auction on Heritage over the past eight years, including a snazzy final page from the book that was offered up in 2015. A couple of pages were offered by dealers in the mid-1990s as well (see below).  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,800.

Finally, to mix things up a little bit, I'd like to highlight a solid Geoge Perez page from Justice League of America #192.  This moody page features a couple of images of Red Tornado and the back side of Aquaman.  Some Perez JLA pages have some faded marker inking present, but this page is in good shape, other than a stain in the middle of the page.  This could be an affordable example of Perez's JLA work.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $900.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

2/24/19 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

I'm back, just in time for the lead-in to the February Heritage Signature auction.  But first, I need to touch on Heritage's weekly auction ending 1/13/19, where two of my predictions were quite close to the actual selling price:

John Buscema Avengers #53; ComicArtAds estimate $4,500, final price including BP--$4,320

Gene Colan Captain America #137; ComicArtAds estimate $4,500, final price including BP--$3,120

Gene Colan Sub-Mariner #11; ComicArtAds estimate $2,250, final price including BP--$2,280

Gene Colan Daredevil #64; ComicArtAds estimate $3,000, final price including BP--$1,560

George Tuska Power Man #24; ComicArtAds estimate $800, final price including BP--$408

To be only $30 off the mark for the Colan Subby page was pretty gratifying.  I was a bit optimistic on the other two Colan pages, but I chalk that up to being a Colan super-fan.  And I wasn't sad to be off on the Tuska Power Man page because I ended up winning it.  

Heritage seems to have a tradition of loading up their weekly auctions ending right after a Signature auction with lots of great art that could have been in the Signature auction itself.  It will be hard to pick only a handful of auctions from the 259 lots this week to predict, but I'd like to start with Sub-Mariner #72 page-1 splash by Dan Adkins.  This is an attractive piece featuring "disco-suit" Subby lamenting ocean pollution.  Vince Colletta provides unusually solid inks.  I don't have any comps for this, so I'm kind of guessing here.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,750.

Phantom Stranger super-fans (you know who you are!) will be happy to see a sharp Jim Aparo page from Phantom Stranger #14.  This page has some great shots of the Phantom Stranger and a bad guy about to receive his (assumed) gruesome come-uppance. A couple of these pages had strong finishes last year at Heritage.  I think this page will do just about as well.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,600.

Twice-up Gene Colan Daredevil art in a Heritage weekly auction?!?  Why not?  Gene's page from Daredevil #32 features some nifty images of Daredevil in costume.  I'm not the biggest fan of John Tartaglione's inks over Colan, but this page has to look very impressive in person.  Another page from this issue sold for $2,629on Heritage in 2015.  This page is almost as good.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,400.

It is also unusual to see a Jack Davis EC page in a Heritage weekly auction, but this time around we have a Davis page from Haunt of Fear #17.  This page depicts a couple in trouble and includes some well-drawn and tense panels.  If you haven't spent all your money at the Heritage Signature auction earlier in the weekend, then this would be a great opportunity to add a nice David EC example to your collection.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,850.

I really dig the John Buscema page from Thor #178.  The inks by Vince Colletta look a bit scratchy and rushed, but the powerful images of Thor, the Stranger, and even the Abomination make this page pretty special nonetheless.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,500

The Don Heck/Werner Roth X-Men #45 page features some large images of Quicksilver as well as some good shots of Cyclops.  Roth's X-Men pages generally have sold for between $2K and $4K on Heritage over the past year or two.  Because this page doesn't have a lot of action of characters of interest such as Marvel Girl, I think this will fall toward the lower end of that range.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,250.  Another page from this issue was offered for sale by Graphic Collectibles back in 1996:

I really love the combination of Jim Mooney and Joe Sinnott on the early issues of Ms. Marvel.  This week's auction has a dynamiteMooney/Sinnott Ms. Marvel #4 action page where you can see plenty of Jim's blueline pencils underneath Joe's sharp inks.  I don't have a lot of comps for this page, but a splashy page from the same issue sold on Heritage for $836.50 back in 2009.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,400.

My final prediction from this week's auction is for a page from one of my all-time favorite comics storylines: the Korvac saga from the Avengers.  The Dave Wenzel page from Avengers #176 is a lighthearted moment prior to an intense battle that (spoiler alert!) kills most of the Avengers and many other heroes.  There is no fighting on this page, but many Avengers are pictured, along with curious suburban neighbors.  It's a fun page for sure.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,550. 

Happy bidding everyone!

1/13/19 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

I was hoping to start off 2019 with a solid set of auction predictions. I wonder how that went...  

Gene Colan Captain America #123; ComicArtAds estimate $400, final price including BP--$288

Jim Aparo The Brave and the Bold #135; ComicArtAds estimate $2,400, final price including BP--$3,840

Paul Gulacy Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #3; ComicArtAds estimate $1,150, final price including BP--$432

Lary Hama Marvel Premiere #19; ComicArtAds estimate $675, final price including BP--$420

Curt Swan Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement; ComicArtAds estimate $2,700, final price including BP--$2,040

That was not one of my better weeks.  Has the government shutdown depressed auction prices?  I was really stunned at the low final prices for the Colan/Sinnott Cap page and the Gulacy MOKF page.  Of course, I spaced out on watching the end of the auction live, so I didn't end up boosting the final price of the Cap page with a last-second cut bid.  Heritage is continuing to provide high-quality art in its weekly auction this week as well.  Although it is late in the week, I wanted to discuss a few pieces in the Heritage auction ending January 13, 2019. 

First up is a killer John Buscema/George Tuska page from Avengers #53.  This action page features members of the X-Men and Avengers fighting Magneto.  The page got off to a strong start, but I think it will go higher still.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate is $4,500, which is 100 times higher than what a page from the same issue listed for in 1991, courtesy of a Graphic Collectibles catalog:

If you are fan of Gene Colan (like me), then this week's auction is quite interesting, with several strong examples of Gene's work from the early 1970s.  Gene's rare collaborations with Bill Everett are coveted by some art fans, which makes the Colan/Everett page from Captain America #137 a real winner.  It looks like John Romita Sr. might have touched up Cap's face in one panel, but otherwise this page features everything that makes Everett inks interesting.  Several Colan/Everett pages from Cap #136 were auctioned by Heritage in 2014 and 2015.  The stronger examples went for $3K+.  I think this page will finish along the lines of the Avengers #53 page.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $4,500.

The Gene Colan/George Klein page from Sub-Mariner #11 is another stunner, with Namor running amok on a ship in every panel.  This page has a dynamic layout and would be a great example of Gene's Subby work.  However, I don't think this art combo has the same following as the Colan/Everett art combo.  Should finish pretty strong, though.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,250.  Graphic Collectibles advertised another action panel page from this issue in 1995:

This column's Colan trifecta concludes with a Gene Colan/Syd Shores page from Daredevil #64.  Heritage has offered similarly nice pages from this issue in 2008 and 2014, and they both finished around the $3K mark.  With DD in every panel, but a litle less action, I think this page will finish equally well.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $3,000.  If you care to take another trip down memory lane, Hugo's Collectibles offered the next page from DD #64 for sale in 1998:

I'm going to make it a Marvel Zombie week of predictions by wrapping up with a George Tuska/Dave Hunt page from Power Man #24.  This was one of Dave Hunt's first full-inking jobs, and he shows some great potential here over George's pencils.  And who doesn't love the Circus of Crime?  This same page sold on Heritage back in 2007 for the princely sum of $77.68 (arrrgh!!!).  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $800.

Happy bidding one and all!

1/6/19 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++


Happy New Year dear readers!  Let's see how my last round of Heritage weekly auction predictions from early last month turned out:

Dick Dillin Justice League of America #151; ComicArtAds estimate $1,050, final price including BP--$1,380

Carmine Infantino Flash #133; ComicArtAds estimate $4,000, final price including BP--$6,000

Gene Colan Captain America #123; ComicArtAds estimate $825, final price including BP--$384

George Perez Ultraforce #8; ComicArtAds estimate $1,200, final price including BP--$900

I wasn't totally on target for any of these auctions, but I was pleased to see that my "realistic" estimate for the Dillin JLA page was not too far off.  The Dillin JLA pages on Heritage seem to have calmed down a bit over the past few weeks after a couple of pages finished pretty high previously.  The shocker for me was the Cap #123 page going for less than $400.  If someone offered me that page for $400, I would have a hard time turning it down.  Speaking of Cap #123...

This week's auction includes another nice-looking, but Cap-less, page from Captain America #123 by Gene Colan and Joe Sinnott.  I am going to be conservative and guess that this page will finish close to the previous page from this issue.  Maybe I'll even win it!  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $400.

A lot of nice Jim Aparo panel pages showed up in Heritage's weekly auctions in 2018, and we start off 2019 with a Jim Aparo page-one splash from The Brave and the Bold #135.  This sharp-looking splash features all of the Metal Men.  Nicer Aparo splashes finished at around $2,000 to around $5,000 in 2018.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,400.

It's always fun to see a Paul Gulacy Master of Kung Fu page from the 1970s.  This week's auction includes a Gulacy page from Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu #3.  This action-packed page doesn't feature Shang-Chi but does feature unusually solid Vince Colletta inks.  Primo MOKF pages have topped $5K on Heritage, but solid pages like this have ended up with more reasonable prices in the $1K-$2K range.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,150. 

A page from this same issue was advertised in a 1979 issue of The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom:

In keeping with a martial arts theme, this week's auction features a Larry Hama Iron Fist page from Marvel Premiere #19.  A few of these pages have been appearing over the last few weeks at Heritage.  Is an issue being broken up?  Although the last couple of auctions for these pages have finished pretty strong, this page's images of Iron Fist show him wearing a hat, so he doesn't really look like the Iron Fist we know and love.  I think this may end up being the most affordable page offered by Heritage so far.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $675.

Hugo's Collectibles offered another page from this issue back in 1994:

I'm starting to get hungry as I write this, so I think I'll wrap things up for this week with a Curt Swan Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement featuring the Penguin.  Heritage has been running these types of pieces weekly for over a month now.  Several of them have had missing stats, but this ad is in very good condition.  (Can you imagine having to ask Robert Dennis or one of his peers to create replacement Hostess Twinkies or Fruit Pie stats?)  I think this piece will keep pace with the previous Hostess ads, which have finished in the $2K to $4K price range.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,700.

Bon appetit, and happy bidding! 

12/9/18 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

Last time around I focused on some goofy pages.  I was not predicting high prices for any of the pages, but some of them performed worse than I expected:

Dick Ayers Astonishing Tales #22; ComicArtAds estimate $190, final price including BP--$120

Sal Buscema Thor #372; ComicArtAds estimate $220, final price including BP--$89

Bob Lubbers Human Fly #16; ComicArtAds estimate $310, final price including BP--$264

Syd Shores Red Wolf #6; ComicArtAds estimate $375, final price including BP--$360

I am pleased with my Red Wolf prediction being only $15 off, but I was surprised that a Sal Buscema Thor page from 1986 went for only $89.  Zaniac is a really lame bad guy, I guess.  I'll try to focus on some more interesting pages for the upcoming Heritage Weekly auction.

First up is a "splashy" chapter page from Justice League of America #151, with art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin.  This page features some nice big images of Aquaman, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman.  Dillin JLA pages have been appearing regularly in the Heritage weekly auctions for a couple of months now, finishing up between $500 and $1,000, with the exception of the $3,840 Adam Strange wedding page from a couple of weeks ago.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,050 

Several pages from this book were offered for sale by Hugo Brache in his 1995 and 1996 catalogs (which leads me to believe the book might have been broken up back then):

You don't often see high-quality Silver Age Flash pages in Heritage weekly auctions, but this week's page from Flash #133 by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella is a beauty.  The Flash is featured in action in every panel, and the page includes a head-shot drawing on the back side by an unidentified artist.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $4,000

Like with JLA #151, pages from this Flash book were offered for sale back in the 1990s, including this page advertised by Tom Horvitz in Comic Buyer's Guide in 1992:

I am a big fan of Gene Colan and Joe Sinnott's work on Captain America.  This week's auction has a sharp page from Captain America #123.  The page doesn't feature Cap but does have a nice-looking large top panel.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $825

A quick scan of the ComicArtAds archive reveals that a much nicer page from this book was offered for sale by Graphic Collectibles in a 1992 catalog:

Along with Gene Colan, George Perez is one of my all-time favorite comic artists.  I remember being pretty psyched in the mid-1990s when Perez was teasing a return to the Avengers by introducing them into Malibu's Ultraforce title.  This week's auction has a sweet George Perez page from Ultraforce #8, inked by Keith Aiken.  The highlight is a large corner panel featuring the original Avengers line-up and Loki.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $1,200

And because I don't have any vintage art ads for Ultraforce, so here is a ad for a page from Avengers #162 that appeared in a 1984 Graphic Collectibles catalog:

Happy bidding y'all! 

11/18/18 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

My record of pretty decent Heritage weekly auction predictions ended this past week.  I was over-optimistic on art by Sal Buscema and Jack Kirby, and I didn't give Gil Kane's Amazing Spider-Man art enough credit.  Specifically:

Sal Buscema Fantastic Four Annual #13: ComicArtAds estimate $2,700, final price including BP--$1,920

Jack Kirby Western Tales #31: ComicArtAds estimate $2,000, final price including BP--$1,020

Gil Kane Amazing Spider-Man #150: ComicArtAds estimate $3,100, final price including BP--$3,840

This week's Heritage weekly auction, ending on Sunday, November 18, includes an exceptoinally large number of comic art pieces--308 total.  To mix things up, I am going to focus on art featuring lame or wacky characters who say lame or wacky things.

"Crustor!  And the rest of Granitor's Legion of Assassins!"  I have no idea what's happening on this fairly loose Dick Ayers page from Astonishing Tales #22, other than guys with poiny ears, horns, and wings in trenchcoats are shooting at each other.  This page could be worth bidding on just for the sound effects in the last panel: Unn!  Spreee!  Fzzapt!  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $190.

"Fool!  Zaniac kills the pretty pretties!  And Jane Foster is pretty pretty tonight!"  So sayeth the villain of Thor #372, which features art by Sal Buscama.  Zaniac is defeated by Thor and (spoiler alert) Judge Peace, a law enforcement officer from the distant future.  It's hard to believe Walt Simonson wrote this, but everyone has an off day.  The inking is kind of lackluster too.  For Zaniac completists only.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $220.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Blaze!  You've been saved right at the edge of death!"  This is the Human Fly's slightly cliched and confusing greeting to a grinning woman he is carrying in the last panel of a Bob Lubbers page from Human Fly #16.  The Ricardo Villamonte inks on this page, like the other pages from this issue that Heritage has been auctioning off over the past few weeks, are kind of nice.  Values for these pages have been creeping up week by week, and I think this page will maintain that general trend.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $310.

"Ohhh!  I slipped--on those juniper leaves!"  And down goes Red Wolf, kraking his head on the ground as the bad guy gets away.  This painful scene appears on a Syd Shores page from Red Wolf #6.  This actually is a nice-looking page with solid inks by Jack Abel, and achy shots of Red Wolf in every panel.  Another page from this comic went for $262.90 in May, but this page is stronger.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $375.

None of these pages will ever make it into Heritage's Platinum Session, but they are fun in different, goofy ways.  As always, happy bidding!

11/11/18 UPDATE++++++++++++++++++++

A few weeks ago I predicted the final prices of some Heritage weekly auction art.  Here's what happened:

John Buscema Avengers #74; ComicArtAds estimate $1,100, final price including BP--$870

John Buscema Conan #43; ComicArtAds estimate $1,250, final price including BP--$1,020

Bill Sienkiewicz Rampaging Hulk #15; ComicArtAds estimate $1,400, final price including BP--$2,400

Barry Smith Archer and Armstrong #8; ComicArtAds estimate $1,300, final price including BP--$1,560

I wasn't too far off, except for the Sienkiewicz Hulk page featuring the Moon Knight.  I attribute this result to the Moon Knight as opposed to the Hulk, and I will try not to underestimate Sienkiewcz Moon Knight values in the future.  I was a bit surprised that the Buscema/Palmer page didn't finish over $900.  I think someone got a nice page for the price there.  Looking ahead to the Heritage weekly auction ending on Sunday, November 11, there are several interesting pieces once again.

Once again, there are an extraordinary number of John Buscema Marvel pages in this auction.  Although there are interesting Buscema pages inked by Heck, DeZuniga, Colletta, and Alcala in this auction, I really like the page from Fantastic Four Annual #13 by brother Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott.  This page features the entire team, including an enraged Thing and a fainting Sue Storm, and the original FF baddie himself, the Mole Man.  The inking is superb, needless to say.  I think this page will do quite well.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate:  $2,700

A solid Davy Crockett page from Jack Kirby's Western Tales #31 shows up this week.  1950s Kirby Western art is not as sought-after as his early monster art, but this page does fit the bill as a good example of Kirby's storytelling.  Graphic Collectibles offered up a action-packed page from the next issue for $350 back in 1997:

And Heritage sold a nice page from this same issue back in 2015 for about $2,000.  I think this page will finish somewhere in that neighborhood as well.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate: $2,000.

You don't see mid-1970s Amazing Spider-Man action pages in Heritage weekly auctions too often, but there is a strong page from Amazing Spider-Man #150, by Gil Kane and several credited inkers this week.  Spidey is in action against the Spider-Slayer here.  This is not Kane at his absolute best as the art looks a bit sketchy and rushed here, but it is from a memorable issue of ASM and some great action.  A page from this issue, featuring the Vulture, last appeared at Heritage in 2015, when it finished a little over $4,000.  This week's page is not as strong art-wise as the Vulture page from 2015, but I think it will finish pretty strong.  Your ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate:  $3,100.

Finally, I had meant to write about last week's auction but didn't get the write-up done in time.  I had planned to feature the beautiful and action-packed page from Daredevil #80 by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer.  I thought the classic Gerry Conway purple prose in the first panel was one of the most amazing aspects of this page, but the shot of ol' Hornhead in panel four was pretty great also.  Ardent auction-watchers might have recognized this page from the May 2018 Heritage Signature Auction, where it sold for $2,270.50.  I thought that coming up again for auction on the same site so soon may not do wonders for the value here, unless the May 2018 sale was a great bargain.  I had come up with a ComicArtAds pre-auction estimate of $1,900, but the page finished below that at $1,680.  I'm not sure if this auction qualifies as a "Flip of the Day" entry on the CGC Boards, but it must have been at least a slight disappointment if it was consigned by the May 2018 auction winner. 

Until next time, happy bidding!

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